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Delicious Reverie

blog of developer & bookworm benjamin read

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Delicious Reverie is a blog mostly about web development and JavaScript engineering. It's here I share talks I've given and articles I've had published. But it's my personal blog too, so you might find a few other things such as recipes, my musical interests and poetry reviews.

I don't get everything right, and I like to try to help my peers. Drop me a message if you'd like to say hi, if you're looking for some help, or if I got something wrong.

Recent posts:

Predictions for GatsbyConf 2021

It's no secret that NextJS is knocked the socks off Gatsby last year in terms of developer adoption. I think the frameworks will keep learning from each other (read: steal features), and it's a good thing for both frameworks. Here's my take on what could be announced at Gatsby's forthcoming conference.

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