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A recipe for quick and dirty ramen

I really like asian food. I'll go for gyoza / jiaozi any day over a "traditional" sunday roast. One thing I love most is ramen, but it's taken me ages to invent my own recipe.

So this is a very quick and loose recipe, please don't stick to it, I'm sure it can be improved upon!


  • 1 pack miso soup (one of the paste varieties are best)
  • Soy sauce (light or dark, I can't decide)
  • Small amount of sesame oil
  • 1 spring onion, finely chopped
  • I egg, fried or boiled
  • A little meat (optional), pork or chicken
  • Small quantity of chopped pepper
  • Pinch of garlic (to taste)
  • Small quantity of ginger (to taste)
  • dried chilli
  • Rice noodles
  • Boiled water

A bowl of ramen made with my recipe


Put the noodle into a bowl. Pour in the boiled water. Whilst they're getting ready, fry your egg. I like to keep it a little runny, so it mixes into the soup a little.

You could fry the other ingredients (except the spring onion) together beforehand, but that's just a little nicer if you have time. Otherwise, throw them into the hot water.

Once all the ingredients are in, add the spring onion.

If the water has cooled down or the noodles haven't absorbed water enough, put the bowl in a microwave for a minute or so.

Add the egg, and serve with chopsticks.


I've sometimes used mackerel fried in Lao Gan Ma's crunchy chilli paste, instead of the meat. That stuff is awesome and goes with almost anything.

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